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Professional Approach to Software Architecture
We pride ourselves in our software architecture approach, following professional standards that has been tried and tested.
Ease of Mind — The Perfect Choice
Trust us to deliver your software solution so that you can focus on the things that really matter.
Complete System Solutions
No matter what your needs are, we can design a system which not only meet those needs, but exceeds them.
Mobile Specialists
Provides solutions for all your mobile development needs.
Easy to Customize
Whatever you want, we make it happen. Think it, we do it.
You have an idea? Share it with us to provide you with a smart solution.
Global Access
Access your product from anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
Our Approach
Our Services
We provide mobile application systems which will suit your needs. Focused on Android and iOS mobile devices, we design your system from the ground up, following principles such as the Unified Process. This not only provides high quality software, but a robust system you can depend on.
We do not only focus on the software being developed, but also provide the graphics such as icons, images and animations where necessary. This gives you, our client, a turnkey solution with a professional, sophisticated appearance. Leave all the design processes in our hands.
When making use of a mobile application quite often data from that device are stored on a server. With our solutions we provide state-of-the-art cloud integration. All systems developed by Jovansoft are linked to private accounts on the internet which are secure and have optimal performance. With us you will always have access to your data.
Jovansoft not only provides a once-off solution, but rather makes use of every opportunity to provide our clients with support, advice, and suggestions on reaching the perfect solution for their business. We are more than a solution provider, we are family.
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